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 Get ready for 2019!

Zeta Fencing’s 2018 Winter Sabre Clinic is for competitive fencers of all ages who have been fencing for at least 1 year and have some competition experience. For all other fencers, coaches’ consent is required. Please contact us if you have questions about admission requirements.

This clinic will provide thorough preparation for tournaments early in the new year and will give fencers a kick-start into the second half of the fencing season. It will provide agility/speed/strength training, extensive footwork, fencing drills as well as tactical and psychological instruction. During the first three days, fencers will focus on specific fencing actions/tactics and work on them in drills, video analysis, and supervised practice bouts. That’s why attending the entire clinic would be highly beneficial. On the last day, fencers will test their new skills in a tournament.


  • December 26-29, 2018

Day Schedule

  • Wednesday, December 26 – Friday, December 28
    10am-3pm: Intensive Fencing Clinic  (lunch break 12-1pm)
  • Saturday, December 29:
    10am-1pm: Warmup and Review, Fencing Tournament


  • Regular fee for clinic: club members $350 / non-members $400
  • 10% Early bird discount for payments received on or before December 1st: club members $315 / non-members $360
  • Single-day fee: club members $100 / non-members $125

Please bring

  • Lunch
  • Proof of current USFA membership (if we don’t have it on file)
  • Full set of fencing equipment and workout gear (can be left at the club overnight during the clinic)


We need the following in order to register students:

  • Completed Registration Form : Download here or pick one up at the club. We need a completed and hand-signed form. You can either mail in/drop off the hard copy, or email a clearly readable scan/photo.
  • Proof of competitive USA Fencing membership: Not needed if you are currently enrolled at Zeta Fencing! Our insurance requires that all students must be current members of USA Fencing.
  • Payment: Payments can be made (1) by check or cash, please hand/mail them in with your registration form; (2) payments via online banking, please write date of your bank’s confirmation on the registration form, or (3) online credit card or bank payment through PayPal, please use the payment buttons below and write date of payment on the registration form.

We ask all fencers and parents to read and acknowledge Zeta Fencing’s Code of Conduct. By signing a registration form, you agree to its terms.

You can mail in your registration or drop it off at the club in person. Class size is limited, so early registration is recommended. Spots are awarded on a first come, first served basis. We only hold spots for complete registrations with full payment and proof of USA Fencing membership.

Online Payment

Use the payment button below to pay online through PayPal.

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