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Zeta Fencing is “Fencing Club of the Year 2014-2015”

Zeta Fencing is “Fencing Club of the Year 2014-2015”

Zeta Fencing has been awarded National Fencing Club Rankings, LLC (NFCR) inaugural “Fencing Club of the Year 2014-2015” award. To qualify for the prestigious “Fencing Club of the Year” award, a club had to rank #1 in Top 8 medal points for a set of National Domestic Point Competitions for an age-gender-weapon category. Zeta Fencing was the #1 ranked club in Top 8 medal points for Cadet Women’s Saber in 2014-2015 and is one of fourteen clubs to win the “Fencing Club of the Year 2014-2015” award!

Receiving a “Fencing Club of the Year” designation reflects the highest honor for a club. Out of 186 fencing clubs that made NFCR’s “Best Fencing Clubs” rankings in 2014-2015, just 14 made the cut for the prestigious “Fencing Club of the Year” award. These clubs account for about 2% of the almost 600 USFA Member clubs! Further details can be found on NFCR’s website.

While the “Fencing Club of the Year” award honors outstanding results at national competitions, Zeta Fencing was also ranked number 1 in NFCR’s analysis of the performance of US fencing clubs at the World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan 2015. The article states that “the #1 club based on athlete performance at the World Championships is Zeta Fencing, the powerhouse saber club based in Natick, MA, as illustrated in the accompanying table. The club fielded four athletes who placed 1st, 12th, 28th and 40th.”

“Our athletes use the national circuit to learn and develop as competitors, but international results are what really counts,” said Zoran Tulum, Head Coach of Zeta Fencing and the current USA Men’s Saber National Coach. “That’s how we measure success at Zeta, with international results. Once you win an Olympic medal or a world championship title, nobody can take that from you.”

National Fencing Club Rankings also included Zeta Fencing  in its inaugural list of “Best Fencing Clubs”, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s top performing fencing clubs. With about 600 fencing clubs in the nation, 187 made the cut to be included in this years “Best Fencing Clubs”.

“If you want to find out which fencing clubs are going to produce the next Olympians and the next Senior World Championship fencers, look no further than our list of “Best Fencing Clubs”, said NFCR Founder and Principal Ross Woods. “These are the most innovative, dynamic, fast-growing fencing clubs in the nation – the ones coming up with top 16 finishers at the North American Cup tournaments.”


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