Fencing Equipment

Fencing Equipment

A fencer needs a fair amount of equipment as well as swords.

After the death of Moscow 1980 foil gold medallist Vladimir Smirnov at the 1982 World Championships when his blade pierced the Russian’s brain through his mask, most of this is with safety in mind.

Since the tragic accident, masks and neck bibs are subject to stringent checks.

For the World Championships and Olympic Games, all masks must pass a 12 kilogram “punch test” with FIE approved versions, which are usually made of carbon steel mesh.

The inside lining on masks can be removed for easy washing.

The neck bibs are usually made of strong synthetic fibre to resist the force of 1600 Newtons.

In the city of Baku.

Most of the rest of the equipment is made of nylon or cotton, but it is only required to survive 800 Newtons.

This consists of a jacket, an under layer stretching halfway down the sword arm known as a plastron, a glove for the sword hand, breeches or short pants which stop just before the knee and socks.

Plastic chest protectors which are mandatory for women are also worn under the jacket.

Generic sports shoes with thinner soles and rounded profiles are used in racket sports.

The lamé and body cord are the final pieces of equipment that allow hits to be registered automatically.

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